Spontaneous Deletion of a Major Note

While I was typing in a note, the note spontaneously completely disappeared in mid-typing (at a very, very inconvenient moment), and the note was replaced with a completely blank version. It is not in the trash.

I’m using iCloud to sync between Mac and Windows devices.

It’s a fairly catastrophic loss, and I realize that I should have backed up the note in some way—but I imagine that this is a problem with the way that Obsidian saves and iCloud syncs?

I am sorry for you data loss. I do not know what happened but it may be an icloud issue.
We have a file recovery mechanism (Settings>File Recovery), hope you can find an older version of the file there.

Edit: regardless of this, you should have backups of your important notes.


I can’t believe I missed the file recovery tool! It most definitely recovered a fair bit more than the duplicate I had in the trash, which is absolutely fabulous.

Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. I just converted to using Obsidian’s sync instead of iCloud because it seems like there are some quirks about which I imagine there’s very little that can be done on the Obsidian side.

Thanks again!

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Just in case anyone comes by this thread after having the same difficulties with iCloud: I have found Obsidian sync to be seamless and completely error free. And it’s nice to be able to see an indicator of when it’s syncing and when it’s finished. Definitely recommend if using Obsidian for important/sensitive work.