Splitting note into atomic notes - without having to write out titles

Hi everyone - experimenting with my workflow and have been searching for ways to split up highlight notes more efficiently. I’ve found the concept of atomic notes (the one idea - or in my case - piece of information per note card or note) very useful when considering how to take notes for my research (I’m a medieval historian). I should add that I have already asked about this in the Reddit forum and received some very helpful suggestions (including a new template to try) so apologies for cross-posting.

Because I am splitting my highlights at first into atomic notes in terms of information (rather than concepts or propositions - these I accumulate through structure notes or MOCs), I often want to break up an article or book into many, many atomic notes (this makes it far easier to move these around when writing up my research, even for relatively minor points). A single sentence in a journal article, or footnote, might be broken up into two or three notes therefore.

So far I have been using the Note Refractor plugin and the split by Headings function (which in itself removed much friction from my previous workflow). However, often my notes are so small (a sentence and - when breaking apart footnotes or discussions of evidence - perhaps even a clause) that writing the title feels superfluous. I am beginning to see why taking atomic notes on physical cards might have been a bit simpler.

Since posting on Reddit I’ve realized that essentially what I am after is the ability to Split by headings with an auto-generate title function (as one can do already for creating a new note or splitting I think). Is this possible? Is there a script I could use with Quick Add that might perform a similar function?

Alternatively, might there be another program better suited? Essentially, it seems like I am after an electronic version of physical index cards (and really like the idea of having very small amounts of info on each one and being able to shift them around easily) - might the Gingko App work better (I’ve seen a few people recommend it on here).

Thanks in advance for any (further) suggestions!

I’ve had similar questions myself. If the information in the note is so short it could be fit into a single sentence, but weighty enough that you want it to be its own note, why not just have the sentence be the title and leave the body of the note blank?

Hi ryan, I assume the split note by horizontal line template I sent over to you didn’t work for you then. :sweat_smile:

You also want auto-generating of titles?

The only realistic way I can imagine would be to use the first sentence of each section as the title if a title does not already exist, which is something I’ve considered implementing though hasn’t really been a big priority as I’m fine with letting notes live without titles if they’re still WIP.

I feel like you want some big personal, custom modifications to that template. That would require time, effort, etc. and I would be happy to do that for you as a commission. PM me to discuss and we can get it working however you need it to work.

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Hello again! Yes, apologies for the double-posting - I’d been intrigued by Gingko in the meantime and the separate idea of taking the note title from the first sentence of the note so thought I would ask here for any further suggestions. I’m still intending to try out the Template though once I had a bit more time and will be in touch if I have any further questions - thanks again for it! I still haven’t quite decided myself whether I need some form of title or not

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