Splitting a long unformatted text

Hello All,

there is a problem I cannot really fix , like:

I have long text, unformatted and unstructured text notes.

What I want is split this note in N subnotes, each one of , say, 1024 words.

Is it possible with come plugin or some function?

many thanks


This could be done in many ways. One way could be to decide on a number of characters, and move those characters plus what you need to complete a sentence or a paragraph. Take all that text and move into a new note. Repeat until you’ve split your text into enough parts.

A similar variant would be to read blocks of the long file, split on words, and write your chosen number of words into the new file. And then repeat that over and over.

But but if these approaches kind of depend on the text to be understandable text built up of sentences. Is that a true assumption?

Are there any kind of division in your file? Sentences? Line breaks? Paragraphs? Style kind of headings?

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