Split down split the sidebar and I cannot undo it

What I’m trying to do

I am on Mac version. I tried a split down and it split the sidebar instead. Now I have 3 sidebars in one :frowning:

Things I have tried

I’ve seen another post here that suggested finding the .obsidian file and editing it however I cannot find it anywhere. I know where all the files are but not the .obsidian one.
Appreciate your help.

If you post a screenshot, it might help in suggesting a way back to a “normal” layout.

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In most cases it’ll be closing the tabs you’ve got in that section, by right-clicking and selecting close on the icon at the top.

You could also try dragging the entire panel somewhere else, and then closing it.

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.obsidian isn’t a file, it’s a hidden folder. To see hidden files in Finder, press Cmd Shift . (period or full stop).

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I fixed it by creating a new vault and copying everything into the new vault.
replying to holroy , no it wasn’t a case of closing the tabs. there is another thread here about the same issue.
I don’t have a screen shot anymore. but anyway it is fixed.
thanks for the help.

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