Spellchecker's dictionary is missing words

The spellchecker unfortunately does not know the word “capita” and I would guess there are many more words it is missing. Would be great if you could update to a bigger dictionary.

Tested in Obsidian v0.7.4

  1. This is not a bug but a feature request

  2. It is available in 0.7.5 (available to supporters now)

Hi WhiteNoise,

if your feature is a dictionary and it is missing so many words you cannot use it, it is called a bug in my opinion. Or should we declare each word in a dictionary a feature? If so, congrats, Obsidian got over 200,000 new features in 0.7.4.

Great it’s in 0.7.5

Best regards,

I am sorry I didn’t mean to sound rude. I think I replied too quickly. My point is that in 0.7.6+ we added the option to add missing words to the dictionary.

If you want to use a different dictionary, that is a feature request.