Spellcheck for Language X

The bug hasn’t been fixed.

Is there possibility to install a game checker of another language in Obsidian. More specifically : Dutch. Also French and German would be nice!
Sorry I do not mean a Game checker but a SPELL checker. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I noticed that the KanBan plugin has multi-language support on their notes. After installing it, I noted that the boxes used to make the panel had instant multi-language spellcheck like my mac does. I wonder what they have implemented that this happens. Maybe cause it’s a input box, I don’t know. If so, couldn’t that solve the problem?Captura de Tela 2021-07-15 às 10.56.30

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+1 for Dutch spellcheck. Please.

@PBressann Yes, I believe this is just the input field spell-checker built-in to Chromium. But it’s exactly how I would like it to work with the Markdown editor as well, the way how it allows both Portuguese and English in the same text.

As a non-technical user, I don’t understand what the problem with electron, but I would love to see it fixed. Spellchecking in my mother language is the only thing left, that really feels like a Bug. And unlike shiny things, I would love to see it makes my data aka. text worse than it could be.


Now that we’ve updated to Electron 13.5.2 can we expect to see some progress on this?

We cannot expect progress on this until the issue is fixed upstream or we move to another editor.

In the meantime, I am using the LanguageTool Integration plugin. I almost forgot about the spell checking (GB English) since I’ve been using it! Don’t know if it helps.


Do you mean the original issue or the last in the three regressions listed above that’s still open? Or both?

The issue is this https://github.com/electron/electron/issues/28684.
Anyway, I think at this point is more likely that we get to the new editor before the electron folks handle the bug report.

Hi, is it true that the issue is just with windows machines? If so, why cannot people with Linux and MacOS machines have a spell checker?


Sorry, I’m not a non-techy, but will it be possible to add other languages with the coming release of 13.x?

yes, it will be possible. It hasn’t been implemented yet.

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uhh!! This would be amaizing!! :100::rocket:

Surely you can use the dictionary feature of chrome through electron ?
If you can make that available, you should be able to download all the dictionaries?

sorry I don’t quite understand… You are saying that it is already possible?

No I said it will be possible.


A “Work around” that I’m using right now on my notes is, I added a shortcut to Open the file on my computer, and It will load it in the regular TXT app from my Mac, that has the spell ck. Then I just go through the MD file, and correct anything that’s underlined and safe the file.

This will be implemented in a future insider build for the new editor.