Spell Checking on Android App

What I’m trying to do

Use spell checking on Android app.

Although spell check is toggled on errors do not get identified and underlined. This is the case on both my Chromebook and zfold 3.

People have raised similar before but I haven’t found a definitive answer or an explanation.

Things I have tried

Tried restarting app, toggling spell checking, and installing on different devices.


Please can some one confirm if this is a bug or if I’m doing something wrong?


IOS user here.
Looks like Obsidian on mobile draws upon the built-in spell checker?

Even on iOS, I’d need to use the stock keyboard, since with Gboard, the bad words don’t get shown.

I need to be on desktop before I can publish a longer note in good conscience.

Thanks @gino_m

Can someone please explain or point me to a description of how this is meant to work on Android so I can try and get this working?

Why is the spell checker not part of the editor like the desktop app?

Hi. Is anyone able to provide an answer?

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