Spell check does not work when English is mixed with CJK characters without whitespaces

In the following screenshot, appleeee was spelled incorrectly. The spell checker works well in pure English text, but when mixed with Chinese characters, the spell checker fails to recognize the misspelled “appleeee”.


Notion and many other editors have the same issue with their spell checker, but editors like Word do not have the issue. I hope Obsidian can solve the issue.

Version is 0.13.19. I realized that the problem is unique in the WYSIWYG editor. The legacy editor does not have the problem.

This means that this is a chrome issue. I am not sure there’s anything we can do about it.

Does it work if you add a space between chinese and english?

Yes, it works if you add a space between Chinese and English.

Please note that the legacy Obsidian editor does not have the issue, and only the WYSIWYG editor has the issue.

the legacy editor didn’t support Chinese at all.

Why do you say that?

I think the legacy editor works very well. It supports Chinese and can recognize the misspelled “appleee”.

The following screenshot is from the legacy editor. It is 100% the expected result.

Sorry, I meant the legacy editor only supports English.

We are gonna rely on Chrome’s spellcheck for the new editor. When chrome fixes the issue we are gonna get the fix, assuming this is an issue at all.

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Okay. Thanks.

Just FYI, Google search in Chrome can recognize the misspelled words.

that’s not using chrome’s spellchecker. That’s sending your query to google.

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