Specific mobile apps for tasks and calendar

Use case or problem

I manage nearly everything in Obsidian and I using Sync to using it on mobile as well. But I need more specific apps for tasks and calendar.

Proposed solution

Create new specific apps for tasks and calendar. Or even better solution will be open it for open source developers to build their own apps.

Current workaround (optional)

I using Todoist and iOS calendar, but I will love to use some app linked to my obsidian vault.

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They can do this already — the notes are text files on disk that they can access.


But, is it possible to open synced vault?

Obsidian requires local copies of files, so whether the vault is synced or not, the files are there.

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Check out Markor for quick capture and the Obsidian Todo Widget for a daily agenda. Both can be linked to your vault / note files.