Spacing in Tables

So Im trying to find an old setting to document my setup but I cant seem to find it. The setting has to do with Tables and wrapped text.

There was an option to remove leading space in <P> tags or something to do with table cells. The issue is the first line of wrapped text in a table cell would be indented 1 space this would make things out of alignment for the second line. First line was a link with a <br> and another link in the second line.

I found this article and I dont know if it was replaced with some of these CSS setting, but I havent added them and my system still functions correctly I am just having difficulty locating that setting in the configuration menu.

Any help would be appriciated.


I think I found what I was looking for while writing this it dawned on me where I might find it. I will leave this post here in case someone else comes across this issue.

This is in the plug in Sheets Extended. The second option that I disabled was the culprit.