Space chars in Note name

Steps to reproduce

I have some files (notes) with trailing or leading space chars in the file names.
Such files might be generated through conversion of Notes from iCloud, or generated by Note Composer of Obsidian.
I make a link from another file with [[ and selection of file name from list. Optionaly, Note Composer makes a link automatically.

Expected result

I expect link to be established after such operation.

Actual result

Established link listed as broken at the left panel. Note at the graph view also is considered to be unliked.
To correct this issue I have to go to the Note, manually delete leading to trailing space chars from the file name. Afterwards I have to go to the link place and remove space from the link title.


  • Operating system: MacOs Catalina 10.15.7
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.12

Additional information

I suggest, that at the moment of making link Obsidian shall check, if the file name has leading or trailing space chars (which are difficult to see). If such space chars at the front or the end of filename (or both) are detected, file shall be automatically renamed, so that there will be no leading/trailing spaces.

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We don’t support leading and trailing spaces and I am gonna open a feature request for that.

If note composer creates notes with leading\trailing spaces, please open a bug report about that with an example. Never mind I found one.

THe composer bug will be fixed in 0.12.14

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