Sougou input method: deletes multiline selection

Steps to reproduce

When I use sougou input method, appear a bug.

When I selected words in a line,it would be ok;
When I selected words more than one line,

  • input a Chinese word
  • tap esc or not tap ‘esc’

it would appear the bug that below.

Actual result

The Selected words would be delete.


  • Operating system: 0.9.15
  • Obsidian version: windows 10

Additional information

And I don’t try other input method.

It’s the bug yesterday I can’t not reproduce.

Again, when you post a bug report you need to make sure that it happens with the default css and no third party plugin.

Does this bug happen with default css and no third-party plugins?

Yes! I reproduced it in a new vault.

thank you.

Can you please

  1. disable css/ third party plugins
  2. restart obsidian
  3. Record the bug again.

Thank you.

Do you see any error in the console log (hit ctrl-shift-i)

Yes, as I replyed before, I have disabled css/third party plugins.

Can you try Windows’s Chinese input method (Microsoft Pinyin) and let us know if that one works or not?

I tried Microsoft Pinyin, it work without the bug.

But I don’t try other input method, I am not sure others(e.g. Japanese) work well.

By the way, the sougou input method work well in Typora.

Can you test the same issue with sogou on
This is the editor we use.

Test online like this?It work.