Sorting with Dataview and merging (and/or exporting) sorted notes

Hello everybody, first post in this forum.
I’m working on a collection of musical exercises. When finished, I’ll have to sort the exercises according to different categories, before merging in a single file to be exported to .tex.

Initially I wrote the exercises on a single note, one after each other, but I recently started writing them separate notes, adding metadata at the beginning of the note. The idea is to use the Dataview plugin to sort them, and that seems to work well for my needs.
(Part) of my metadata looks like that:

type: exercise
category: rhythm
subcategory: polymeter
date: 2305101003

and here’s my Dataview query:

TABLE type, category, subcategory
WHERE type = "exercise"
SORT category 

I cannot find a way to merge (or concatenate) the notes’ content together according to the order generated with Dataview. I’ve been searching the forum and other online resources for help but without success, and I’m wondering if the Dataview strategy is actually the best one for this task.

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