Sort link auto-complete by last modified

The latest update, 0.9.4, had a feature that improves the auto-complete link menu for large vaults.

While more performance is welcome :+1: , it had the side effect of making the auto-complete window for my vault less helpful.


For my vault, the auto-complete window now displays the 100 oldest files:


The first auto-complete file is 2020-04-12 092402 and my last file in the auto complete is 2020-04-20 101246.

But those files are 6 months old, and not relevant to my current work.


I realise that putting all the files back in the auto-complete is slower.

But if possible, please include the latest file. That feature is very helpful to make quick links to the newly made file.

For that I simply typed [[, hit Arrow Up, and then Enter. Now I manually have to copy links to recent files. :disappointed:


I realise that less files in the auto-complete window is better for performance. And I also know that there are a lot of different vault setups, so what works for me might not work for someone else.

But what about an option that configures the auto-complete link behaviour? Possible ways to make that window behave are:

  • Show up to 100 oldest files.
  • Show up to 100 newest files.
  • Show up to 100 files that share one or more tags.

Moved to feature requests.

I think it’s reasonable to sort it by last modified - the default list was probably not very useful to begin with anyway.


It seems that this behaviour has changed in 0.9.6 (or the version before). Now the auto-complete seems to include the x most recent files.

I’m really happy with this change as it works really well for my workflow. :slightly_smiling_face:

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