Sort bullet list of links to pages wrt most recent updates

What I’m trying to do

Automatically sort a list of links to pages with the most recently updated one on top and decreasing downwards.

The format can vary. I can try tables or anything else you would recommend.


I think this might be a bit too vague to get an appropriate answer :sweat_smile:

If you’re using Dataview, you could potentially use file.mtime to sort the results of the query in a descending order or use the value of a “modified” key (stored in YAML/Properties) in the same fashion.

… But, without more context about your desired output/workflow and such (what have you tried also) it’s going to be harder to guide you :innocent:

I am new to Obsidian so was asking more for ideas so that I can start looking in the right place. I actually tried dataview now and it worked! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Added the tag ‘#pages’ to the pages I want to include in the list and then used this:

table file.mtime as "Last Updated" 
from #pages
sort file.mtime desc```
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