Sort an entire table with multiple columns

What I’m trying to do

I have a number of notes which I’m using as maps of content. Here is an example of a table in one of them:

[[Database Release Numbers Explained]] [[Datapump SQL Patch]]
[[DBCA Command Line]] [[DRM - Dynamic Resource Management]]
[[How to Find LGWR and CKPT Events for the Last Hour]] [[How to Find the Meaning of a Function in Short Stack]]
[[How to List Underscore Parameter Settings]] [[Restoring Database Statistics]]
[[Database Release Numbers Explained]] [[CPU Time, DB CPU and CPU + WAit for CPU]]
[[DBCA Command Line]] [[How to Find out What Events are Set]]
[[SQL Script to Get the Database Size]]

(Sorry about the lost formatting)

What I need to do is sort the data. As you can see, each entry in the table is a link to another note. Neither column in the table has a column heading as I’m just using the table as a way of getting two columns, which stops the list from getting too long. Ideally, I would add a 3rd column as my screen is so much wider than it is tall.

I’ve seen the sortable plugin, but that sorts columns, whereas I want to sort the entire table. I don’t care if its sorted from top to bottom or left to right, just so long as it’s sorted. It takes too long to find what I need when it’s unsorted.

Is this possible, or should I give up and just put all the links into a simple list and accept it will mean more scrolling up and down?

Instead of using a table, set a CSS class for notes you want to have multiple columns, then use a CSS snippet to make the text multi-column.

Easier but hackier: use only 1 cell per table column and put a list in each cell. Actually I don’t think you can put >1 lines in a Markdown table cell.

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