Sometimes when I past into Obsidian the color changes?

Things I have tried

I’ve searched this online but I don’t think I’m wording it correctly. Thank you in advance for this it’s driving me nuts!

What I’m trying to do

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Maybe because you are pasting from an html source?

Or what do you mean “changes”? Changes from what to what? Can you post a screenshot?

If you want to paste without formatting, ctrl-shift-V should be the shortcut on Windows. Cmd-shift-V on MacOS I think.


To add to rigamarole’s answer: You can also right-click “paste as plain text”. Also, check the indentation of things you are pasting. If they are too indented compared to the content around them, I think Obsidian will interpret them as code, equivalent to putting text inside ` which it changes color.
Does any of this help?