Something really simple copy/paste

Things I have tried

I tried to find a hotkey for copy and nothing. I seen videos from others using copy/paste and they use a keystroke to copy. I cannot use CTRL-C it does nothing.
Paste works fine.
I searched the help and nothing, google, youtube and I cannot find why copy does not work with a keybinding. It works if I use the menu (right click).

I am in Linux fedora 35 and it is not working. I also use my Windoze laptop from work and it doesn’t work either. That tells me it is something in my obsidian setup that prevents the CTRL-C.

What I’m trying to do

Just trying to copy any text. The keybinding works in browsers, editors, command line (well in Linux you have to use Shift Ctrl C,but it works), in Wndows CTRL-C works in the new command app, so it isn’t the OS.

I can continue using the menu, but I loose time, every time that I use the CTRL-C. It is a second nature, and then when I am press CTRL V it pasted the last part that I copy from the menu.

I know it should be something simple, but I cannot find it.

Does it work in the Help vault?

Thanks so much! That was the clue that I needed it.
It did work in the Help vault and that gave me some clues. What is different, the only thing that I could think was the Vim option.
I disabled the Vim Key bindings and then the copy (Ctrl-C) worked again. The weird thing is the Ctrl-V worked all the time.
So, no more Vim in Obsidian.
Why I choose to use the Vim option? It was because sometimes I am trying to write, and I think I am in another program (i.e. typing in terminal, or typing an URL in the web browser), but I am in Obsidian. That messed up some times my files. I just need to be more careful.
Would that be considered a bug?

It might be a bug, or might be an expected conflict. Maybe you could work around it with hotkey settings. Now that you know the connection, you can search the forum to see if anyone else has found the same.

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