Something like a custom ontology to auto-extend/enhance note linking

Would be useful to create custom ontologies to link notes relative to the topic. For example, if I were interested in cycling, I would have in my ontology things like, cycle, bike, Roubaix, blood-doping, Alpe d’Huez, watts, time trial, and so on. Whenever I create a note or highlight something in a pdf, Obsidian would automatically create internal links relative to the ontology. If the highlight contains the word “cycle” and/or “watt” these would become internal links. The ontologies should be able to work at a folder level - including vault level - so that they might be geared to expected content. This would be an improvement over aliasing in that they would not need to be at the head of each note and would function in the background.

Use case or problem

As an Obsidian User I want to automate the creation of internal links on synonymous words/concepts so that I can relate data by its meaning and not it form/orthography.

Proposed solution

Allow users to create lists of words for an ontology and apply them at the folder and vault level. When words or phrases in the ontology are encountered in highlighting or annotating, the system automatically creates a link from the word. User should have option to confirm link creation or to override it. User should be able to set a default where system does not require confirmation for certain words. Perhaps user can tell system to learn in that after n times a word has been approved as a link, the system will no longer ask.

Current workaround (optional)

currently users can create aliases in headnotes to a single note. This is significantly less powerful, even when using a templated set of aliases.


Maybe give this a read,

Beyond Basic Links: Ontological Tagging with Obsidian | by Evren Alder - Freedium