Something I found out recently

Hi! I have seen a lot of us the the syntax to make a division/slide. -

This is the body, leave a line below or else this will become a heading

This the division line which forces us to leave a line

I recently found out a way to not leave a line between the body and the division, which I found really aesthetically displeasing.

This is the body
And this is the division line put directly beneath the body.

Just use ‘*’ four times!

I know that some of you may be aware of it, but a lot people sharing their templates here and the people using obsidian Publish might find it helpful


Thanks for sharing this! As they say “The little things Matter”!.

3 underscores work too
3 - work in Typora & MarkText because Enter/Return gives a new paragraph so the blank line is assumed.
Hadn’t known about the ++++, though it doesn’t work in all editors, so thanks.