Some text not visible in 1Writer when in preview mode

Hi folks this isn’t specifically an Obsidian issue but related. I am using 1Writer on IOS as my tool to manage files created on my desktop in IOS. I’m still figuring out my organizational methods but have started implementing an Index and then TOC with sub notes. In the sub notes I link back to the project TOC with this text at the top of the note:

Links: [[project TOC]]

In 1Writer when in preview mode this text does not appear. Anyone come across this and know why?

This just happened to me, and I was wondering the same thing.

One other thing that has started happening is wiki links will, sometimes, initiate a search. Other times they will go to the linked file.

Pretty inconsistent behavior.

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1Writer omits key:value pairs at the beginning of files. I don’t know if that’s some proprietary metadata format or something. If you use the YAML format
it will format it incorrectly, but at least it shows.

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1writer will trigger a search if it can’t a find a file in the same folder (or its subfolders). That happens to me a lot, when I try to open a link in my daily notes, because they’re in a subfolder and all other notes are in the vault root.


Thanks for your feedback! So by accident I discovered that simply adding a carriage return above the link: causes the text to appear. Not sure why.

Tried the removal of the colon as per your note re syntax and indeed the text showed up in 1Writer. I think that sufficiently closes this issue. Thanks again.

That makes sense.