Some Random Markdown File Missing, Together with Backup in Snapshot

I’m using latest version of Obsidian on MacOS Sonoma.

Today I occasionally found some link to markdown file in my notes are missing. I have reviewed them serval times after finishing it, so I’m pretty sure they are properly saved in my storage. I checked local snapshot too, and a few links are there to recover, while others can’t be found (yet I have it save all snapshots for 365 days when I created the vault). I have no clue how to recover them.

After that, I checked other vaults, and found the same problem there. On some of them, I did not even enable any third-party plugin.

What could cause this problem? Is there any method to recover my lost notes? Is there a plugin to check whether some of my notes are missing or changed recently? What should I do to avoid this from happening again? Thanks for your reply!

You report is a bit vague. Are you using some service to sync your vault? It could be that.

Obsidian has an internal fire recovery plugin, you can look if it has saved a copy.

Yes I’m saving my vault in iCloud Drive, and I did open Obsidian iPhone version and clicked skip when synchronizing configurations. Could the problem caused by that?

And what I mean by “local snapshot” is the internal file recovery plugin, sorry for the confusion, I’m not a native speaker. I made it backup per 20 min, and save all snapshots for 365 days, which is definitely longer than the time from I first used Obsidian till now. But I can’t find all my missing notes there, as stated, some titles was returned “not found” when I search them in the plugin.