Some General Workflow Questions with 1 hotkey issue

*Organizaion and Workflow : I would like organized notes (but this is very hard for my adhd brain) with a good workflow i.e. being able to find and walk back and forth between notes as needed. I would like to use best organizational methods that work for me e.g. Zettelkasten and/or the like (I don’t remember all of principles, maybe most). I would like to use the keyboard, as much as possible, when I reorganize, as I do it constantly (or need to).

***1. Currently: I’m trying to reorganize my mess into what I had done years ago on/with tiddlywiki. Which was “show less”, but be able to find everything. So I would like to go back to a table of contents with only a few entries, equating to actual directories, (at each level) (I think there is a plugin for this, if not maybe I can write one when time, and further along in my organization). Also, I want assets hidden e.g. pics and other downloads/objects; I’m using the Local Image Plus pluggin for this with media folder set to "assets/${notename} ". (I liked “assets” better than the default)

***2. Advice/Question(s): Let me know if there are good sources on methods, I can right down for later consumption, especially larger scope ones that cover more than just 1 thing. Workflows and or Organizational methods, how are people combining, and using them in practice (obsidian or other). If anyone is using the directory/folder TOC method, please let me know how you’ve accomplished it.

*Workflow issue: with keyboard (or lack thereof)

***1. There are no hotkeys for folder manipulation (create, remove, rename. move), correct me if I’m wrong. I often try to reorganize, usually through further categorization, which in my case, means a new directory/folder.

***** I only see one hotkey that deals with directories/folders: “Move current file to another folder”, and this doesn’t let you create a new directory/folder, unless I’m mistaken.

****Quickswitcher, is NOT what I want; It is nice to be able to use that functionality, but when I don’t want to create a note only the directory/folder, so that I can move existing notes. My ADHD brain isn’t at the point where I have Note titles for it yet, and I may just be subcatogorizing i.e. so no new notes, just moving existing ones

****I also move sections into new notes or consolidate into an existing one. It would be AWSOME to be able to highlight a section, cut and paste into a new note without so many steps e.g. move selected to a new or existing note (append) with a hotkey.

***2. Advice/Question(s): Let me know if there is a way to do this i.e. manipulate directories as described above

In someways, I find Obsidian very shortcut/hotkey friendly e.g. it’s very easy to customize the existing, in others ways, I get an impression of distain, for them, maybe the later is my imagination


  • There is the “Quickswitcher” that allows to quickly find a note based on words in the file name
  • There is the Search functionality that allows to find notes based on keywords it contains

walk back and forth between notes as needed.

  • Alt+Left and Alt+Right allow you to walk back and forth between the notes you visited in the tab.
  • To connect notes in a path to walk, you can use links. Thus, you can also create structure notes (Table of contents or Maps of contents) to create an overview of the information and navigate to specific notes.

to go back to a table of contents with only a few entries

  • For quick access to a few Tables of Contents, pin them in the “Bookmarks plugin” in the left pane.
  • Give your Tables of Contents an alias, e.g., a TOC named “Index” gets an alias “TOC Index”. This way, these all quickly can be seen together in the Quick Switcher by typing “TOC”. Then one more letter typically will select the one you want.

good sources on methods

  • Obsidian essentially is a toolbox. It contains many tools that you can make work the way you like.
  • There are no “good methods and workflows”. The good one is the one that works for you. At most, methods and workflows you find elsewhere may provide you with inspiration.
  • My advice:
    • keep your folder structure as simple as possible, and do not focus on a perfect organization and folder structure. That way, you will know it readily, and very easily move notes where you feel they belong.
    • Also realize that classifying notes meticulously in specific folders is a large mental overhead. Many notes fit in different folders.
    • Rather ensure your notes are easy to find in the future by giving them a good title and fleshing them out with clear content that will make sense to your future self.
    • To locate notes, prefer “Search” using Quickswitcher or general search, and possibly “Tables of Contents”.
  1. There are no hotkeys for folder manipulation
  • The “Move current folder to another folder” command, which can be assigned a hot key, allows you to create a new directory on the fly.
  • Indeed, there are no hotkeys to to extensive directory manipulation, but your system’s file manager is very good at that.

****Quickswitcher, is NOT what I want

  • To me, it is the quickest way to locate a note. Of course, we all have our individual preferences.
  • It is also a good way to create a note: typing a name for a new note, similar notes can come up we didn’t remember already existed. Then it will be better to see whether we can elaborate on the already existing note
  • Note that you can create a new note in a specific (possibly new) folder on the fly with the Quickswitcher.

I also move sections into new notes or consolidate into an existing one.

  • The core plugin “Note composer” provides that functionality.
  • It provides two commands that can be bound to a hotkey, one merge the current file with another file and one to extract the current selection.

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