Some equations not rendering in reading view

Hello, I am a new user to Obsidian, and I have noticed some problems with the reading view, mainly that some (not all) in-line equations don’t render.

Here is the content in source mode:

Here is the content in editing (live preview) view. Notice how everything renders perfectly:
Screenshot from 2022-10-27 15-52-19

And finally, here is the messed-up reading view:

Notice how in the reading view:

  • An underscore is missing in the first line, so “Actorobs” should actually be “Actor_obs”.
  • An in-line equation on the fourth line does not render. You can see that the reading view somehow thinks the comma in within the $ $, when actually the comma was written outside as seen from the source mode.
  • Another unrendered equation in the last line.

So it seems like this is a bug, but let me know what you guys think how I could avoid situations like this.

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