Some content are not shown in one device

Hi there!
Tried to figure out through forum and FAQ but can’t find where issue is.

I installed Ob. a month ago on my main Imac. Works fine.
Worked on other computers and work fine.
But now, back home and the files are recognized on the main computer but content is not appearing.

  • sync is done through Dropbox, each file is well in place
  • I deleted conflicts json files too
  • sync works on creating files or deleting or moving but the only issue is : content is not appearing through main Imac from files that were created on other devices
  • all macs are on Ventura

When I create a new file on this main Imac, e.thing works fine.
For me, it’s not a sync issue, more something like Imac doesn’t want to work on files he did not work on it first :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your help!

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