[Solved] Can you please tell me why my pull request fails?


I just did a pull request for my plugin, but it failed already. I am wondering if I can get some assistance for it given I actually do not know why it failed?

I have the manifest.json and the main .js in the repo and in the release .zip not sure what the issue is.


The message says “Your latest Release is missing the … file”.

So this check doesn’t care about whether your repository contains the … file, but it cares about your release contains it.

And your latest release only contains the zipped source code and misses main.js and manifest.json. Note that it doesn’t matter if the zip contains them.

You can see the official sample plugin to know what your release page should look like.

Also, exclude the compiled main.js from your repository (i.e. put it in .gitignore).

I recommend you to look through the official dev docs before submitting your plugin.


Thanks for the help. I assumed that the release files would be grabbed from the repo, which was the wrong assumption.