Solved: Calendar plugin stops seeing entries

In setting up Mobile, which I LOVE, I needed to move my iCloud vault location per the instructions. This meant reinstalling all my plugins, etc. I’m pretty sure I haven’t missed anything in the Calendar and Daily Notes configs, but I still haven’t been able to see all my previous 5 months of journal entries through the Calendar Plugin. When I create a new Daily Note it puts it in the correct location, which for me is now “iCloud/Obsidian/Obsidian Notes/Journal/YYYY-MM-DD, dddd.” It all worked joy-through-the-roof fine prior to moving the files today and I’m not sure what I broke. Can anyone adivse? Thanks.

Added: The calendar plugin on mobile is working correctly and can see the files.

Solved: It was a filename problem and I’m the one who created it. While doing some batch Regex changes to files in my Journal folder, I’d unwittingly deleted the zero in my single digit months and days ie. “2021-04-05, Monday” had been changed to “2021-4-5, Monday,” breaking the connection to the Calendar plugin.

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