SOLVED Blockquote: how to extend to full text width

How can I get my blockquote (grey box in screenshot) to extend to the same width in the note as the text?


Try this code:

/* Adjust padding on the embed */
.markdown-embed .markdown-preview-view { /* the padding */
    padding-right: 0px !important;

I adjusted it from

@GreenChocho: unfortunately that does not change it. Padding affects text position inside the blockquote box. I tried to use margin-right instead, but that does not do the trick either.

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Did you try negative margin-right?

I got the negative margin ideas from here:

@GreenChocho: yes, I went all the way to -60px but the box width did not change at all.

Just for the record: I only needed to add margin-right: 0 !important;.

When I tried margin-right upon @GreenChocho’s suggestion I did not add the !important bit. Silly me.

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