Solve Plugin - Supercharge your notes with real-time results for equations, dates and more

Hello there :wave:t2:

I’ve been working on a plugin that quietly processes equations and patterns in real time, inspired by NoteMaster’s Smart Mode that I created a few years back. When I started using Obsidian as my daily driver I realised it was a great foundation to build on top off…

Solve enhances note-taking without relying on ChatGPT. For instance, effortlessly calculates date expressions (e.g., ‘Now + 20 days’), performs arithmetic (e.g., ‘10 + 5’).

But wait, there’s more! Visit our documentation for an extensive list of patterns that Solve can seamlessly recognize. It’s time to embrace the future of note-taking precision. :books::sparkles:

Embark on a Feature-Rich Journey :rocket::star2:

  • Arithmetic Enrichment: Navigate through the realms of basic arithmetic, explore intricate mathematical functions, and traverse the vectors’ landscape. An upcoming addition to this family is the captivating realm of Hex arithmetic.

  • Datetime Delve: Dive into the world of time manipulation with our Datetime feature, currently in its alpha stage. Explore this exciting capability and stay tuned for its evolution.

  • Percentage Proficiency: Embark on a journey through the numeric nuances of percentages with the adept integration of Solve’s Percentage Provider. Delve into a symphony of quantitative relationships, from discerning parts of a whole to understanding increases and decreases. This feature elevates your note-taking to an analytical art form, rendering complex percentage calculations as simple as jotting down a thought.

  • Units of Measurement: Diversify your numerical toolkit with the newly introduced ability to interpret and convert a multitude of measurement units. Obsidian Solve now speaks the language of distance, volume, weight, and more, bringing a newfound depth to your data interaction.

  • Community Collaboration: Engage in collaborative innovation with our Community Provider Support. Join forces with fellow creators to extend Solve’s potential.

  • Aesthetic Harmony: Immerse yourself in the harmony of aesthetics with theming support through the Obsidian Style Settings Plugin by @mgmeyers. Your notes, your style.

Installation :arrow_heading_down:

Solve has been approved plugin for a few months now running under the radar to help build in the core foundational features that have been requested by early adopters. Which means you can easily install via the community plugins browser.

Feedback :construction:

Since we’re chugging along towards 1.0.0 release of Solve. I thought it would be great time to widen the net for feedback and ideas to help bring the plugin to the next level. This is where the lovely community of Obsidian come in the picture! So, please do give it a try and let me know your thoughts!