Solution for: replaces quick action toolbar on mobile. How to bring it back

Writing this for the benefit of all people struggling to use Obsidian on mobile, without keyboard or mouse:
One more annoyance is solved here:

The problem: replaces mobile quick action toolbar by default.
This literally crippled my editing on mobile.
There is no option in the settings within the Obsidian setting interface to disable the bar and bring the mobile one back.


I was lucky to find the setting in the data.json file (folder .obsidian/plugins/make-md)
mobileMakeBar is set to true by default, set it to false, like this

"mobileMakeBar": false,

This brings the quick action toolbar back on mobile.

On somewhat unrelated note, I was happy to find the “Hacker’s keyboard” on Google Store. It’s free and great for any programming.
The only drawback is it does not support gesture typing, but hey, that’s a minor headache of you have a full-fat on screen keyboard, right?


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