So what happened to mobile?

"As of 2021/04/26, the mobile apps are in closed beta. It is currently available to all Obsidian Catalyst license holders.

In a few weeks, once the app is more stable, we will roll out to the general public."

It has been over two months. What’s going on? Why hasn’t this been updated? What’s up with development? Is the mobile client full of problems? What’s going on?

Progress has been made. It still has some rought edges to fix.

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Software development is hard to predict. This is why the devs try to avoid putting dates down on anything: people develop expectations. Of course, people are also impatient if you don’t give them dates, so…

I use the mobile app a dozen times a day. The only thing that doesn’t work is graph view, and lots of little things need polish. Otherwise it’s basically Obsidian on the desktop.

No need for fearmongering. It’ll be ready when it’s ready. If you are getting antsy, feel free to support development via the Catalyst program and gain access to the beta builds.


What’s the need to be so rude? @lysergico is asking a valid question.

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See the thing about expectations is not some kind of vague disappointment, it’s that when you give people a timeline, they plan things around that timeline. It’s an investment of energy and time and project management, it plays into our decisions of whether we should learn one piece of software over another, before going into a certain realm of life, like a job or school.

The fact that the graph view doesn’t work is rather hilarious.

I think most of the people around here still think the work these developers do is some kind of carity and that’s a valid reason for us to be as patient as they want us to be.

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to come across as rude.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I will ask the devs to update the website. My suggestion will be to remove all date predictions.

I don’t think this kind of comment is necessary nor healthy. The app is still in beta, that’s why it isn’t publicly released yet.

Again, please try to stick to healthy contributions. I get that you’re tired of waiting, but this kind of vitriol is unwarranted.