Snap package does not work on Kubuntu 24.04 LTS after update to version 1.6.2

Config, I still have issue.

Ok I have fixed the issue. You should now be able to get the working 1.6.2 when you install again to build 30.

Here’s the root cause: we’ve changed the configuration for electron-builder recently in an attempt to fix a bug with accents in file paths when using the snap package. This subtle change causes the tool to switch from using a prebuilt template snap, to fully building the snap package from scratch. I believe there might be some bugs with whatever configuration electron-builder is using to build snaps from scratch, as I’ve built the last broken package with a fresh ubuntu install, and a fresh upgrade to a recent version of electron-builder.

In either case, we have rolled back and now uses the prebuilt snap package which seems to have fixed the issue. Apologies for the broken build!


I confirm it works now! Thanks!

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Thank you for the fast fix!

I confirm that it works for me too on version 1.6.2 (rev 30) - and as far as I can tell it uses core22 now as a base which is a nice addition

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Can confirm the new version is working for me. Thank you for working to resolve this! Always tough to manage dependency chains.

It is core dumping for me… I’ll troubleshoot a little later…