Snap install on manjaro has broken vault selection dialog

I installed the snap on a vanilla manjaro minimal install. I see the entry screen, but when I click on open vault this is what I see:

It’s possible the only issue is that I’m missing a font or font family. If so, please advise so that I can install it.

Thank you!

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I can’t help to your specific question on how to fix that install, but I recommend switching to the .appimage. I avoid all snap packages at all costs because they are historically buggy on Manjaro. As I recall that’s why snap isn’t included on the OS in the first place.

I’ve had Obsidian running in Manjaro through the .appimage for many months with no issues.
Good luck!

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Thanks @Ericsred!!!

appimage works great.

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Snaps are also slower because they need to be mounted at boot.

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I did not realize that - it explains a lot.
Good to know. Thanks!

yeah I agree with @Erisred I don’t use snaps either.

For Manjaro and other Arch distros I highly recommend installing Obsidian from the AUR. It’s also an appimage install but easier to update

I use yay to get it from the AUR

it’s this one

aur/obsidian-appimage 0.11.13-1

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Any reason you use the appimage over the uncompiled version?

Also, why yay over paru?

FWIW, I just download the .appimage from the Obsidian website. Never had a single bug or update issue.

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the obsidian-appimage was there months ago when I installed Obsidian for the first time. But thanks for the tip, I didn’t know there was that version. If I ever get any issues I’ll switch to that one.

Yay is great it hasn’t given me any issues. I didn’t know of paru any reason to use it instead of yay? I though yay was the best and most popular for the AUR