Smart Folders: Notes can sort automatically to chosen folders based on tags

+1 for this feature

Virtual Folders

Forget about actual computer OS folders. Folders are really just special tags that sort files into those groups. Could even have a file in multiple virtual folders, and it would still be the same OS file in your obsidian vault.


Partial workaround for this, using Templater to auto-file notes upon creation: Automation with Templater for Obisidian | ThoughtAsylum


Yes this gesture would be a great one especially since I am in the process of importing notes from other apps and if I could just drop all those notes in a smart folder with the tag seedbox or to process then I can at least see the different between the imported notes and the ones I have been working in obsidian.

In the mean time I just use a master kanban born as my inbox and any notes I write appear first in the vault folder and I read and stop that note into my categorize area of my kanban list. It doesn’t autotag but at least I know what the category of the note is. Then I have another kanban board made for each MOC I’m currently actively writing and whatever I categorize and added yaml to in a note in my master capture kanban I then drag the link to the designated MOC kanban that is based on lists of priority. Whenever I “touch” a new note in my MOC I add the metadata into the note based on the kanban list it was in.

But to have Smart Folders this process would drastically cut down my time and categorize notes to be quickly updated to my Dataview tables. Please implement this!!!

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This would be the best!

It would be like Lightroom collections, or Music Playlists, auto-sorted by tags or attributes. Love the idea!

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Taking the rudimentary mac-os built-in smart folder logic can lever great power. @ih2020 gave very nice examples regarding how smart folder can be applied to obsidian.

I really like this idea, and I also have the need to sort my notes. Maybe you could expand this concept a little bit to sort notes into a designated folder according to their attribute value.

Making it into a folder could allow for the transport of a whole set of notes into other places in file explorer. Saved search and dataview could not do this

hello, thank you for sharing, I have tried your way:

<% await tp.file.move("/Work/5 - Meetings/5.2 Meetings - 1-2-1 Personal/" +"YYYY") + "/" + tp.file.title) %>

I made a little change to test this

<% await tp.file.move("/Untitled/" + tp.file.title) %>

it will move this file to untitled folder.

<% await tp.file.move("/" + tp.file.title + "/" + tp.file.title) %>

it will move file to the folder with the same name, I have created untitled untitled1 untitled2. but it only worked with the untitled file, after it moved the untitled file to untitled folder, it will not work for untitle1, since the templater could not create new file and reported error
I wonder if you could make this conditional. maybe use a dataview attribute to decide which folder that this file should go into.

This would be a wonderful addition to Obsidian.

This plugin creates a folder view based on tags.

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Another +1 for smart folders - I use them extensively and really miss them in Obsidian.

+1 for smart folders

It’s cool. I think using tags to organize notes is an effective way to categorize information, and smart folders add an extra layer of control.

+1 for smart folders

I use this plugin for moving notes to a folder based on tags, works like a charm!

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