Smart folders (groups) for filtering notes

This is something I really like in DevonThink
The idea is that you will have virtual folders that will show you notes based on your criteria:

  • specific tags
  • date of creation
  • specific strings included in a file
    (so basically something like a saved search)
  • notes that doesn’t have any link (this could be way for finding unconnected thoughts)
  • notes that are linked certain amount of times
  • etc, posibilities are endless

So basically this could be something like saved search result combined with watching for notes with specific characteristics.
The virtual folders could be displayed in the same space as “normal folders” (but could have different colours or something else to differentiate)

  • This way I could have a possibility to view my recent notes (filter by date)
  • notes created for specific project using tag and combined with date (lets say I want to only see tagged notes for the latest month)
  • This will solve problem like this Filter notes, e.g. by date and has tags?

In Devonthink this solved by such interface (users pick criteria, criteria are saved, files satisfying specific criteria are displayed within a virtual folder, criteria could be edited later)

With the latest search updates, I think there already exists codebase capable to such thing, only the saving those result and displaying in a folder for need to be implemented

I am using Devonthink to do such thing now, but It would be great doing it natively in Obsidian.