Smart(er) Text Styling?


Previously a Notion user that has always kept a keen eye on Obsidian and with the latest Live Preview mode I’ve finally committed to Obsidian full time :tada:

One thing I’m still hoping to remove some friction around is styling text e.g. bold, italics, strikethrough, etc.

My desired workflow:

  • Place the cursor over a word I want to bold, without selecting the entire word, press a hotkey, and just that word gets bolded. Pressing the same hotkey again unbolds just that word.
  • Additionally, before bolding the word, it should first check to make sure that I’m not already within a bolded set of 2 or more words e.g. “here are multiple words that have been bolded”. In this case if my cursor was after the h then it should remove the bolding for that set of words.
  • Bonus: ability to style an entire line/block by placing the cursor at the beginning/end of a line/word

Does anyone know of a plugin that does this or would it be difficult to build one to do this?


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