Smart Connections: real world price?

I am very attracted to the Smart Connections plugin, which would implement Obsidian with the only real feature I envy other centralized PKMs (such as Mem X): that of finding and connecting to similar notes. The point is this: the price (paid after each use) due to Open AI for using the GPT engine.

The readme mentions an upfront cost for the initialization process:

The cost of the initial processing is proportional to the number of notes in your vault. Without any exclusions configured in the settings, the amount of tokens used in the initial processing is approximately 2X the total number of “tokens” in your entire vault. A rough calculation for this is the total number of characters in the vault divided by 2. For example, if your vault contains 100,000 characters, then the initial processing will cost approximately 50,000 tokens. The current token cost is $0.0004 per 1,000 tokens (as of 2021-08-01) which is estimated to be ~$1 USD for 3,000 pages (assuming 800 tokens per page).

However, what I noticed is by continuing to use it the money was also being charged back afterwards, more or less every time I reused Obsidian, leading to an increase in costs that was not well controlled. Since I am very interested in the plugin, and grateful to its creator for such a wonderful idea, I would like to get some clarification or opinions from other users on this.

Are you saying that it keeps charging the initial whole-vault charge?

I don’t know much about the plugin or GPT, but I recommend checking the plugin’s GitHub issue to see if there’s any discussion about this (if not, you might post your question as an issue if you haven’t gotten an answer here).

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