Small positioning bug - 0.16.3


  • MacOS, Obsidian 0.16.x, standard Dark Theme


On certain pages of the Settings panels, the close box in the top right corner overlaps the vertical scrollbar. This looks a bit odd because of the transparency and also makes both controls a bit harder to hit.


Go to Settings → (any of) Appearance, Hotkeys, Community Plugins, etc—any page that is long enough to contain a scrollbar

Expected result


Actual result

Close (x) button overlaps scrollbar slightly.

Magnified view for clarity:

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Semi-related. Features missing or hidden hidden - #18 by rigmarole

If you turn scrollbars always on, they still auto-hide, but you see the UI elements shift to the side to make room. Not that X though. It stays in place.

You’ll need to fully restart Obsidian to see the scrollbars show, but they should work, I think Electron only checks the platform settings for this on start-up.

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Yep, good call.

My scrollbars are set to always show.