SlRvb's Journaling Setup

Yes. Is the demo vault the link from the dropbox? I found this link under the video description Obsidian Community Talks - managing multiple journals.
I downloaded it several times…but everytime when I used quickadd, this message appears

Hmmm, weird. It’s also a little strange that the folder for the vault also appears in the file explorer, I don’t think it should :thinking:. It should only really show 00 Technical and 10 BuJo and have the whole color scheme loaded in once safemode is off. If that isn’t the cause of the issues, I’m unfortunately at a loss for why it doesn’t work for you :pensive:.

YESSSSS!!! Now it is working!!!
I think I did something wrong with the zip.file or something.
Now EVERYTHING is already installed (Community Plugin)
In the above previous situation I had to install all the Plugins!!!
THANK YOU for answering and helping me.
I am really enjoying this BujoSetup.

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Thanks for the downloadable example, it’s been very helpful in understanding everything going on as I’ve been developing my own version. Something I just ran into that perhaps you can help me with is that I started a new vault and I’m confused about what is allowing the dv = this.Area or whatever to be shown correctly in preview mode. I’m not sure which plug-in is changing it in preview mode. Thanks.

Edit: I found it for anyone who is wondering it’s the inline queries options under DataView. Now to figure out how to do multiword keys.