Slow loading due to many images

I’m making a recipe book.

It takes a long time on the Loading cache screen when I first start the vault.
I want to solve this problem.

I have 7k .md files.
There are 60k image files, and the capacity is about 2.7Gb.

On the PC, obsidian has 1GB of RAM memory in use.

I tried moving the recipe image folder out of the vault.
And when I just loaded .md file, obsidian worked fast.

I thought about using the file:/// path as an image.

However, directory paths do not match on PC and Android mobile
The image could not be used normally.

The process that I’ve done

  • The sync service is not in use (file management is only locally)
  • I’m only using the obsidian default plugin.
  • Delete hidden .obsidian folder (safe mode)
  • I deleted all files with file size over 200kb.

The slow loading problem is not solved because of many images.
I wonder if there is a good solution.

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