Slight lag upon startup

One small thing that has always bothered me about Obsidian is that it lags by about a second or two every time I bring it up–a “loading” bar even flashes for a second. This may not seem like a huge deal, and it’s not, but it is worse than other notes programs I’ve used in the past like NVUltra and mac’s Notes and (given how I use Obsidian) it can happen dozens of times per day. I can all but eliminate the lag by paring my plugins down to the bare minimum (like two), but any further plugins and it comes back. I lose a lot of functionality for Obsidian without my other plugins, so this isn’t an optimal solution. So I was wondering: (a) is this slight lag the usual experience with Obsidian users (I have looked for YouTube videos, but no one ever shows opening Obsidian anew)? and (b) relatedly, is there any other way to combat it than removing most plugins?

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