Slides: More options, like reveal-md and others offer

Use case or problem

Much of reveal.js’ functionality isn’t exposed in Obsidian, most notably vertical slides, config options and slide attributes in HTML comments. YAML frontmatter config options would also be nice.

Proposed solution

This could be done much like reveal-md and others do it:

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)


+1, hoping slides could be more customizable.

+1 for me too… just trying to figure out how to use reveal-md for my teaching, but it seems quite a steep curve of learning, so an Obsidian “on steroid” presentation would be real great!
Hope devs consider this

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I’d also love to see an option to config reveal.js. Particularly, I really want to show slide numbers:

  1. I’ve been using Reveal.initialize({ slideNumber: 'c/t'}) for this purpose. However, it seems this line will create a second instance of Reveal in Obsidian --I know nothing about js and I’m not sure if what just I said makes sense at all, but a repeated use of this command will give multiple silde counters on slides-- and also the numbers are sometimes wrong.
  2. I then try to use Reveal.configure({ slideNumber: 'c/t'}), but this line doesn’t give any effect in Obsidian.

Until Slides gets extended you could use Advanced Slides plugin as workaround.

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