Single todo file implementation

I want to test out a one big text-file implementation for my todo list. However, I want to implement it utilising Markdown and Obsidian and inspired by features from this Org Mode tutorial.

Essentially, I would like:

  • Each day to be represented by a togglable bullet-point.
  • Nested in each day’s toggle would be my list of check-boxed tasks for the day.
  • A task can have three states:
    • to-do (not checked)
    • done (checked)
    • waiting

As an example:

  • 2022-03-23 should be a toggle
    • [x] Email Bob about plans done
    • [ ] Research Agile working to-do
    • [ ] Do code review waiting, should be red and a toggle
      • Waiting on John to give me access to the code

Pressing enter repeatedly after the last task until I’m back out of the nested task list should create a bullet point for the next date. Then, at the end of the day, I can use keyboard shortcuts to move any task still in the to-do / waiting states into the tasks list for the next day.

I’m unsure how best to represent a ‘waiting’ task. Maybe, a hot-key that would the change task’s text color to red, change the check-box to a toggle, and create a nested check-box within the task where I could write the reason the task is currently stalled.

Does anyone know how:

  1. I could could automate creating toggles with dates (e.g. like how a numbered list is automated every time you press enter, except here it would create a toggle and populate it with the next date).
  2. How to implement the ‘waiting’ functionality described above.

Any suggestions about this in general would also be really appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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