Single entry note, multiple outcomes

BLUF: If I’m not alone in thinking that this a viable proposition, I might build a plugin. Looking for feedback…

I’ve got this idea of having a single note as an entry point, and a plugin to parse through that note (periodically or on demand) to organize the contents.

Use Case: As a user, I want to only ever open one note (ie: not worry about creating a new daily note etc) to track everything I’m doing.

The intent is to continue use of existing plugins (eg: Tasks, DataView, Daily Notes, Periodic Notes etc) not replace any of them.

So the workflow would be something like:

  1. Open the “Single Entry Note” on starting Obsidian for the day.
  2. Each day’s entries start with a date header
  3. As the day progresses, make suitable entries and tag them appropriately. eg: using Tasks notations, Using tags for notes, etc
  4. At the end of the day (or whenever) run the plugin.

Plugin’s functions:

  1. Parse the note looking for keywords, tags, etc
  2. Create a Daily Note for journal-like entries
  3. Create topic specific notes based on predefined tags/keywords
  4. Archive (or delete) the parsed entries in the “Single Entry Note.”

The intent is to reduce entry friction, but utilize all available plugins to do the actual review and management of content.

Looking forward to any feedback or alternative recommendations.

Thanks in advance.