Simplicity is a virtue

I am looking to be able to:

1 . Compose markdown documents.
2 . Read markdown documents.
3 . Search markdown documents.
4 . Browse markdown documents.

Although Obsidian provides all of these features, it also includes many more features.

And these extra, optional features continually interrupt my workflow.

For example, I accidentally hit the wrong key on my keyboard, which was obviously mapped to a function in the Obsidian application. And suddently, in the middle of creating a document, the Obsidian help screen replaced the document I had been working on.

But what was infinitely more frustrating than unintentionally bringing up the unwanted help screen was the inability of me to cancel the Obsidian help screen and return to my work!

I have only two regrets: 1) I am not a perfect typist which would avoid the weird Obsidian Help mishap and 2) that Obsidian did not see fit to provide simple and intuitive ways to close or cancel any panel that appears.

Thus I am uninstalling Obsidian and on the search for something that meets my aforementioned four requirements but is dirt simple.

since all keyboard shortcuts are configurable, couldn’t you just delete the ones you don’t use (Settings → Hotkeys → press the ‘X’ to the right of keybind)?

edit: iA Writer is a pretty popular “minimal” Markdown app; it’s geared towards writers and the mobile versions are more polished than Obsidian’s to be honest. I moved from that to Obsidian because I needed the extra features, so maybe the reverse will apply to you.

Thanks kindly for your thoughtful response as well as for the IA Writer suggestion.

IA Writer is not exactly what I had been looking for… but that app looks intriguing and enticing; I almost wanted to get it! Unfortunately, it’s not available for Linux.

But all’s well that ends well: I found a simple app that supports my humble markdown needs: create, read, live edit, search, and browse. It’s free. It works locally without network requirements (perfect for me). It’s not without its little bugs, but it otherwise perfectly fills the bill: It’s called Notable.

I may revisit Obsidian in the future when my markdown requirements extend beyond Notable’s meager offerings.

Again, I appreciate your help!

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try Marked2


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