Simplest way to link from existing website to a Obsidian published site

Hi all. Just wanted to point out an ultra-simple way to link to a new published site from your existing website by using redirects.

Assuming you published an Obsidian site at{{my-site}} , you would add a page to on your existing site (say my-obsidian-link.html) with

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL={{my-site}}/" />

resulting in any access of my-obsidian-link.html going to{{my-site}}. Not as clean as a full proxy or sub-domain; it is a poor mans proxy, but it maybe useful for some until the CNAME option can be made to work outside of CloudFlare. I guess you could drop it in an IFrame it as well and maybe have a splash screen and a delay. Anyway, just an option I didn’t see anyone mention anywhere …

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