Simple Search question using links


I have a simple search question that I’m hoping someone can help me with. I don’t use tags and rely exclusively on using [[links]]. Now, let’s say that every so often, I meet with [[my boss]] for [[general meetings]], [[performance meetings]], [[project X]] and a few other topics.

Now, let’s say I had one of these meetings today. What I would do is in my TODAY page (page titled by date), I would create a bullet, titled something like this:

  • [[performance meeting]] on [[date]] with [[my boss]]

And then underneath this title bullet, I would have all my notes in sub-bullets.

NOW - here’s my question.

Can I create a view somehow (embedded query?) that will show [[my boss]], then underneath this, a single bulleted line for each time I had a [[performance meeting]], organized by date?

I don’t simply want this view where I have to CLICK INTO each instance of a performance meeting, but I want to be able to simply EXPAND it from within the page I’m on and read the notes for each one quickly.

Is there a way to do something like this?

I used a simple example, but I would use this mechanism to drill down into a whole variety of lines where I’m using multiple links in its title.

Thank you!

there is no way of doing it with the default search. you would need a plugin like dataview to write the query and depending on your setup you even might need Javascript to write it.

I figured out a simple way to do this! All I have to do is embed a query that reads like this:

line:([[performance meeting]] [[my boss]])

Once I expand the query results, every bullet that has these two phrases in them will come up, ALONG WITH all the detailed notes that I’ve captured in sub-bullets.