Simple, hand tool / pan tool in obsidian?

Things I have tried

  • Asked chatgpt for help.
  • it said settings > advanced section, Enable the pan mode. It wasn’t there. It said ’ this version of obsidian apparently doesn’t have the pan mode’
  • I tried to see if it is there in hotkeys++ plugin, there wasn’t
  • It recommended panning with ‘presentation plugin’ , but it does only in presentation mode. I want to make it simple, and don’t want to go to another mode for simply panning.
  • tried using reading mode, but there is no panning.

What I’m trying to do

Is there a way to to get a simple pan tool in obsidian? I have a lot of text to read, and have to move up and down. A pan tool would be more convenient.

I think the point of ’ Things I have tried’ is to inform the things that I have done to the viewers, and I am definitely not trying to invite any suggestions or judgements about what ‘shouldn’t be done’.

You could just mention - ’ try looking at the forum’ without adding ’ instead of asking a bot’ , which is neither a needed nor helpful opinion.

Hi, I have never seen a “hand tool” or “pan tool” in Obsidian.

As an alternative, you can use the “collapse” and “expand” functions to navigate between headings and paragraphs.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

Yeah, I realize you’re not looking for judgement on what not to do, but don’t do this. :pensive:

Here is what the bot in our Discord community has to say:


What specifically do you mean by “pan tool”? Do you mean like in a browser, when you click middle-mouse, and can just auto-scroll by moving the mouse slightly up and down? Or do you have a favourite example from another tool?

I thought Obsidian could pan when you click (or hold) the middle mouse button. But I’m testing it and it doesn’t work. I wonder if older versions were working.

Tell us your OS. Different operating systems have different tools to take control of things like this, even when it isn’t supported directly in the app. For example, in MacOS, I use Hammerspoon, and I have hotkeys to bind page scrolling up and down, when my hands are away from the mouse/tablet.

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