Sidebar makes itself visible unexpectedly

Steps to reproduce

  • Hide sidebar
  • Cmd+click on a link to another note (or use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate between notes)

Screen Recording 2021-02-25 at (1.5 MB)

Expected result

New note opens & the sidebar remains closed.

Actual result

New note opens but the sidebar makes itself visible.

I consider this a bug because:

  • It’s surprising in a negative way: it undoes an action I just did.
  • It’s distracting: I close the sidebar when I want to focus.


  • Operating system: Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.1
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.3

I can’t repro. Post a screen recording.

Done, added to the original post to the “Steps to reproduce” section.

does it happen with no css and no third party plugins enabled?

do you have a hotkey bind to toggle the left pane?

do you have a hotkey for reveal current file in navigation?

My apologies WhiteNoise, I had the community plugin “Automatically reveal active file” activated which was causing the issue. As soon as I disabled it & restarted Obsidian the issue went away.

I will try hard to remember to check plugins before reporting more issues. :slight_smile:

Thanks and sorry