Side panes' annoying borders

I’ve been using AbsoluteGruv(authored) for a while now and recently noticed that there is an annoying border on the sidebar panes (file explorer, calender etc) both left and right only when they are in focus.

Things I have tried

I’ve been tinkering with the theme but am currently unable to find a solution for this. nav class in theme’s css could be the answer, but nothing has worked.

Annoying borders look something like this.


Here, file browser is on the left and others on the right.

What I’m trying to do

An ideal solution would have them not show independent of their nature (focused or not). Currently, borders are only there when the pane is in focus.

Constituent CSS(with borders) can be found here.

it’s this class selector .workspace-leaf.mod-active, which is only applicable when that particular pane has the focus. in your case, this is what makes the border as such. i guess removing it is sufficient.

.workspace-tabs will make it apply to both leaf (left and right) but not the note’s pane/leaf.


but i guess u need an alternative for users to know which tab/pane is active. just good ui/ux practice.


Yes, this is correct. Figured out the same by myself too. Logged in here to close this issue, Thanks for your answer.

Adding to the answer.
NOTE: If we want to set the border as transparent i.e:

.workspace-tabs .workspace-leaf.mod-active {
   border: transparent;

then it is better to leave .mod-active from the class modifier. This makes the border transparent in all instances. Having .mod-active there makes toggling between active-unactive visually undesirable.

It is best to try both once and settle on one that’s more desirable.

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